Help Identify 1800's Pocket Watch

by Jared Honea
(Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA)

This pocket watch was given to me by my grandmother, who claimed it was her grandfathers which should date this watch into the 1800's. Other than that, I know nothing else about this watch.

However, I would like to know when it was made and by whom. There are no markings on the casing or the face. The key has a '4' stamped on it and very careful examination of the inside of the back door will show what appears to be '(ST)' and '30' stamped very small on opposite sides.

Anybody ever seen a watch like this?

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Aug 23, 2015
Pocket watch swiss
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same one, but it is just the movement and the face. It has no case. I bought it the way it was for $5. I know the value does decrease because of the fact that it has no case. I just want to know what it is worth?

Mar 09, 2015
Swiss watch in 1800's
by: Anonymous

This pocket watch was my Great Grandfather's in the 1850’s, somewhere close to period. Mine is a hunter-case watch with the key with number 6. Cross hatch on cover front and back, but also with a crest emblem on front.

The Swiss made had Argent inside back and then has movement info cover over the movement. On mine it says Ancre Aiguilles No 54301 Quinze Rubis on the face over the movement. When looked at your movement picture, at inside the movement, I see that mine is "exactly" like it.

Obliviously it is Swiss made and it looks like the craftsman made it initials name type on the lid, J. SLT, and stamped his serial number, by hand. So he just assembled the watch and stamped it. His only serial number is 04601 for the craftsman. My key looks exactly as mine as well. Bless you family treasure!

Apr 29, 2012
old pocket watch
by: Anonymous

I have a watch like that but the face has roman numerals. I don't know how old it is but a note with the watch says it is from 1815.

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