Remontoir Pocket Watch

by Taner

Remontoir pocket watch

Remontoir pocket watch

I inherited this remontoir pocket watch when my Pop passed away and I would really like to know a little bit more about it, such as the maker, what year it was made in, if it has any value, although I am not looking to sell it but would like to know just out of curiosity.

It has no numbers on gears but stamped or engraved is "R/A S/F" and on the case it has "5663 / remontoir cylindre 6 nubis 0.800 galonne", with a crown and moon. There are some other small scratch marks I cant read.

I can't find any maker's name on the dial, and it has blue hands. The case is gold and silver.

Thanks and YA it works great!

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Jan 24, 2014
Pocket Watch I need identified
by: Judy Dunn

We have an old pocket watch that is still in good running condition. The back opens up and is signed "Cylindre 10 Rubis" on one side and "L F" with a lizard or something in between the letters all within a diamond.

This is at the top and there are also numbers that read "57455" with a 7 underneath the 4. There is also a small stamp that is very small and hard to make out but it looks like a helmet or a crab. I have checked other forums with no luck and I doubt that this is a really high quality watch being that it is just 10 escapement movement and not made of gold or anything but we are going to try and list it on our antique and vintage jewelry site and need to know as much as we can.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and we can send pictures to whomever would be willing to help identify the piece. Thanks so much.

Sep 09, 2012
I have a REMONTOIR Cylindre
by: Bill

My watch is model No. 7787. The inside back has a number 7877 and 0800 in a square block. Porcelan face with both roman numerals and arabic - no second hand - 10 rubis. What do I really have??

Sep 05, 2011
Fog Watch enquiry
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have model number 5342 can anyone tell me any history of it? It has crown and moon quarter stamped in side, clover and patterns on back. Can anyone inform me of the value, maker, time frame?

Aug 21, 2011
Remontoir Watch from Brazil
by: Anonymous

I have a pocket watch - a remontoir 20 rubis ancre ligne droit, it has roman numerals i thru xii, the back has a steam locomotive engraved on, I can only see remontoir 15, 17.

Aug 16, 2011
Any clues?
by: Anonymous

I have a pocket watch that I believe is a Remontoir. It is silver and has what looks to be a porcelain face. It has Roman numerals I thru XII and outside of that it has Arabic numbers 13 thru 24.

It has a second hand dial at the bottom.
The back has a steam locomotive engraved on it.
When that is opened, it has another silver cover that says "Cylindre 10 Rubis".

On the inside, it has the mark "0,800" on one side.It also has the number 102732 engraved over the number 8.

Does anyone have any clue what this watch is?

Apr 27, 2011
Looking for Info
by: Das Hooka

I have a Remontoir ladies pocket/necklace watch that is marked 14K with a serial #1118. It also says 90 rubies which I don't understand. That's a lot of movements. It was my great grandmothers who came over from Amsterdam Holland in the early 1900's. Can anyone give me any info regarding history, age, value, etc..?

Feb 26, 2011
Clock Watcher
by: J Scott

Ours is octagonal (8 sided) the outer casing is engraved or moulded with flowers and plants with an oval section for the owners initials (not shown). The Silver plating has all gone leaving a brass finish. Inside of outer cover is silver.
The inner lid is silver in colour (both sides), the outer side shows five medallions and the wording is "REMONTOIR PERFECTIONNE fabrication soignee". The movement has only RA & SF and just one jewel. The face has roman numerals with a smaller circle showing 13 to 24.

Any information would be very helpful.

Many Thanks.

Dec 18, 2010
Need help to Identify Remontoir Geneve
by: Anonymous

I have a gold pocket watch with markings; "Remontoir nickel ancre rudis bignedeoite mole geneve n62809."

Can any one help with its origin?

Dec 11, 2010
REMONTOIR 18K - 15 Rubis
by: 38699

I have a REMONTOIR 18K Pocket Watch,15 rubis No. 38699 with front opening face with a small window surrounded by roman numbers. The back opening and the inside opening are nicely engraved. The glass viewing the white dial displaying roman numbers, has no scratches, there is also a small dial with gold hand counting the second. The watch is not working but is in good condition ( probably just need a wash ..with lube...I was a watch repair man once in my teen years thus I can say that the watch as no major issues ). The case has two minor dents in the back and one in the lower front. Finally the back opening has a beautiful design of a shield with a wreathe all around.

Jul 23, 2010
Remontoir silver pocket watch
by: Jennifer

My fiancee has a pocket watch that he has no knowledge of. We can not figure out if it is French or German made. There is an engraving on the inside, inside cover where the gears are located, which we can not make out for sure, I think it reads (L or and S 4069).

It opens from both sides. Silver in material. What we do have are these clue words that are inside. Remontoir on one side, the face side says Adler Rokopf, Which makes me think it German made, also it says underneath that, Hanns Konrad Brux with Roman numerals. Can anyone help us with this?

Jun 09, 2010
I have one as well...
by: Richard Franklin

Mine has 10 jewels, blue steel bridge screws, solid silver case with the 800 grade and the crown and moon hallmark as well. The previous comment is right, this watch is made between 1900 - 1910. Mine has the serial #24 under the face and on each bridge, which means this is a really early one but it keeps just as good time as an escapement lever movement.

I have it beside my Admiral TACY pocket watch and it only gains 45 seconds a day, whereas my Admiral gains a minute per day, not bad for a 100 year old watch that's been stored in bad conditions for over 20 years.

Feb 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi, it is Swiss made for the German market, post 1888 about 1900.

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