1 Gotham, 3 Elgins, 1 Imperial, 1 Ellis,1 Nassau and 1 Philadelphia

by James DeVone, Sr.
(Durham, NC)

8 Antique Pocket Watches

8 Antique Pocket Watches

These pocket watches were recently acquired as investments, because of their intrinsic value. However, there is one more that is not shown, which is a "Renoun" Pocket Watch, that has stamped on the inside back of the clock works, "Rolex". If anyone can tell me what the estimated monetary value of these watches is, I would certainly appreciate it.

I am thinking about giving 1 or 2 as "gifts" and want to know what I am giving away. Incidentally, that's a Rolex Tudor Lady's Watch in the middle and, I would like to know the value. My email address is: james_devone@yahoo.com. Thanks.

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