1884/1885 A.W. Co. "P.S. Bartlett" Pocket Watch

by Daniel
(Valencia, CA 91355)

Waltham P.S. Bartlett Case1

Waltham P.S. Bartlett Case1

Waltham P.S. Bartlett Case1 Waltham P.S. Bartlett Case2 Waltham P.S. Bartlett 1 Waltham P.S. Bartlett 2

Enclosed are pictures of my 1884/1885 (based on the serial number) Waltham Stag Hunters-Case pocket watch with box hinge. It is 14k gold and multi-colored (white, yellow & pink). The mechanism Serial Number is 2444911 and is the "P.S. Bartlett" model. The watch was operational up until a couple of years ago when it suddenly stopped and, except for being non-operational, is in excellent condition throughout and I believe it can be easily and inexpensively repaired.

This watch was purchased by my Great-Grandfather and his initials "JDE" (John Daniel Eastlund) are inscribed on the front case cover, and a deer or stag is on the back. Although some of these pictures are slightly out of focus, you can see that this is a beautiful watch.

The watch is 2 1/8" in diameter. The dial contains no imperfections that are visible; however, there is a slight chip in the crystal at the very edge where it meets the crystal retainer.

From my extensive research on the Internet and from many discussions with other antique pocket watch owners and collectors over the years and recently, I suspect that such a watch, in this condition, might be valued for sale by a dealer at over $4000.

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