18k Vulcain Bouret PW

by Gustavo Soler
(Laurens, SC)

Vulcain Bouret PW

Vulcain Bouret PW

Vulcain Bouret PW 18k Vulcain Bouret PW2 18k Vulcain Bouret PW Movement 18k Vulcain Bouret PW Case

I need to replace the hands on this 18k Vulcain Bouret PW and would greatly appreciate any advice. My grandfather gave this to me when I was 10/11 years old. My mother and grandmother were not pleased but HA HA at 47 years old I still have it! It is in perfect running condition and is marked Vulcain Bouret 18K on both the movement and case. Sixteen jewels and 1 adj.

The case is decorated with a small band of blue enamel in the Greek key motif on both the bezel and the case back and all along the edge there is some decorative scroll work. I have no idea if it's a particularly good watch or not. If anyone knows please educate me.

I vaguely recall that the original hands were fairly decorative/ornate; I know they weren't the standard baton type. So, I need to replace the hands and hopefully you who know much more than I will tell me what to do! Thanks much and look forward to any suggestions, information, or comments.

*I took the pictures without the watch crystal as I am waiting for hands to re-assemble the 18k Vulcain Bouret PW.

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