A Franjeulle Pocket Watch

by nhoward
(Bella Vista, AR, USA)

Franjeulle dial

Franjeulle dial

Franjeulle dial Franjeulle dial close Franjeulle case Franjeulle movement

A Franjeulle Pocket Watch?

I am just getting into pocket watch collecting and am stumped as to the maker of a watch I just got from my sister-in-law. All the history she knows is that her husbands uncle got the watch in Germany or Austria sometime between 1941 and 1943, she does not know if it was new or old at the time. It is a size 12S with a pin set. The minute and second hands came off but I still have them so I will get them re-attached. There are some repair marks on the inside.

The dial says A. FRANJEULLE and BEAUMONT under that. I have searched as much as I know how and can not find a watch maker with that name. I read that sometimes a jeweler will put his name on a watch and I am thinking that may be what this name is. There is no serial number on the movement, and the only words on the inside of the watch say ULTRA.

I am hoping that someone has run across this name before. I have included pictures.


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