by Pavel Truhnov

German Dial and Case

German Dial and Case

German Dial and Case German Case German Dial German Pocket Watch Case

Antique German Pocket Watch

I have an unknown pocket watch. All I know it is German. I'm thinking to sell on eBay or any other stores in London. The watch has no make or any logo on it but it has some numbers, when you open the front lid you will barely see following numbers 25888 same numbers on the back lid. Under the back lid there is another one. To get to the mechanism of the watch you will see following "GARANTIE 10 JAHRE 25888". A bit higher there is a picture of an animal, I cannot tell exactly who it is but looks like aurochs, buffalo or bull. There is also a little deep cross scratched out looks like it made there in some porpoise. In the mechanism there is some kind of logo, 2 diagonal letters F and A then opposite are S and R "FASR"? I tried to take pictures so you can see all this details. It is fully working.

I would like to gather some information on this watch like age, make, price and other useful information.

Pavel Truhnov

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