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Now you won't have to trawl through all those eBay auctions looking for the best antique pocket watch to bid on. Once a week, or as necessary, this page will be updated with what I think is a good pocket watch, or wrist watch, to bid on. Some of them will be expensive, but everything here will be listed on its merits. All will be collectible and worth buying, what you pay will be your own judgement though. I won't be giving my own thought on what I think something might be worth, too many pitfalls!

Today's Current Featured Auctions

All sellers featured here are Top Rated, allowing confidence when bidding.

Why is this important? - Idealy you want a seller with a feedback rating of 100%, but we all know that in reality, sometimes things do go wrong and not everyone will be happy all of the time. Any watch featured here will be a 'Top Rated' Seller, meaning they have satisfied eBay's stringent feedback rating scores.

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For a regularly updated list of 100% positive feedback antique pocket watch sellers on eBay, click here.

Note: It has become apparent that some sellers are ending auctions early in breach of eBay policy. I strongly suggest complaining to eBay if you spot such an event. These sellers' actions may affect the auctions shown below, and unfortunately I have no control over that happening.

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