Auguste Contantin Pocket Watch

by Mike

Auguste Constantin Pocket Watch Dial

Auguste Constantin Pocket Watch Dial

Auguste Constantin Pocket Watch Dial Auguste Constantin Pocket Watch Dial Auguste Constantin Movement Auguste Constantin Movement Close


I recently acquired an seemingly old pocket watch with the following information. The watch has on the face and movement Auguste Constantin Locle. It has a serial number No.40627 stamped into the edge of the movement. The movement appears to be old but how old I do not know. It is in working order and keeps good time.

The case has C.W.C. Co with a star, crescent and the words Trade Mark with a serial number 792217 both on the inside of both covers. Along the inside edge of the case it is stamped PAT'D DEC. 7. 88 in addition to 2217. The front and back of the case outside is polished and the inside has small squirling. The case was tested with an electronic Mizar M24 tester and showed to be 10K. The edge of the case is heavily ripple like an old coin.

Could you please tell me anything you might know about the manufacturer/history of the movement and case. I am new at this hobby of watch collecting and very interested in finding out what I have and how old the movement might be, possibly what connection it had to an employee of Vacheron by the name of Auguste. I actually was in contact with Vacheron Constantin and they could not address the Constantin name on the watch itself.

I was able to find a little about the C.W.C. that it was Chicago Watch Company which became Crescent etc.

Thank You

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Jul 26, 2014
Aug te Constantin
by: Robert

I have a similar watch by this maker and would like to know more about the maker. My serial number is 36369. The movement is similar but not exactly the same. It's a bridge movement.

Dec 16, 2011
Ladies Pocket Watch
by: Melinda Ross

I have a ladies pocket watch that is a Locle No. 42401. I don't have any idea of how old it is and it doesn't work. I am afraid to try to wind it. It is Gold and the watch is in excellent condition. Also engraved on the inside back flap is a name that appears to be Louis Jacot. Now my question is; how do I find out how old the watch is and it's worth? I have had it for about 17 years it was left in a 200 year old log cabin house that I had bought. I would deeply appreciate a response.

Happy Holidays!

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