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Should you buy watch winders at all? Well, although they are not essential, I like to keep my manual automatic watches working all the time. Over the years any lubricant inside your watch will 'gum up' the movement. One way to keep things moving and free is by using a watch winder

As you can see from the list of winders below, they come in many shapes, sizes and cost from a few dollars or pounds up to many hundreds. Some are works of art in themselves, using rare and beautiful hardwood to enhance the quality of the winder.

So while not essential they are most certainly useful, not to mention they make great Christmas presents!

So what should you look out for when buying a watch winder? One of the problems that the really cheap winders have is the gearing inside the box. While plastic may make for a cheap gear, over time you will notice that these types will grind quite loudly. If you want to use your winder in the bedroom then in order to get some sleep investing in one with all metal gears might be a good idea.

You might be able to find a watch winder that has all metal gearing but doesn't use the more expensive wood that ultimately puts the price up to some ridiculous level. So before you part with your money it's a good idea to ask a few questions first just to have some peace of mind.

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