Desert dollar watch

by Gary
(Scottsdale, AZ)


Ingersoll "Dollar" watch near Cave Creek, AZ

I was scuffing down a desert ridge, hunting deer, when I happened upon a small scattering of old tin cans - the rusting reminders of some cowboy camp of days gone by. But a shiny bit of silver amid the sage caught my eye - pocket watch, of all things.

The area had suffered heavy wildfire a couple years ago, and the watch sat on a small column of dirt, with the surrounding dirt washed away by ensuing rains. Its face was fire-damaged, but the back opened easily. The interior had a bit of desert grit and dust, a little rust, but by and large the internals were shiny.

The manufacturer's name-Ingersoll-and serial number were easily read. Based on the serial number, the watch was made in the late 1920s. Just when it wound up on the desert floor, I don't know, but I'd guess sometime in the 1920s.

Not your usual "collectible," but surely an interesting bit of timekeeping history!

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Aug 21, 2011
Good find!
by: Ron

Hey, that's a nice find in the middle of nowhere. It's amazing what you can find if you keep your eyes open. I once found a genuine Rolex Exporer when I was out diving, what are the chances!


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