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Baume Mercier was founded in 1830 in the home of so many great watch makers; Geneva, Switzerland, the forerunner was started by Louis Victor and Pierre-Joseph-Celestin, and known as the "Freres Baume" company. Over the years the company has been handed down through the family, and in 1920 was formally registered as Baume & Mercier thanks to a partnership between William Baume and Paul Mercier.

Expanding rapidly across the globe, the company soon made a name for itself by creating wonderful timepieces and in 1950 introduced the Marquise watch series. This watch became a popular best-seller and expanded the company to a much wider audience.

In 1964, Baume Mercier was purchased by Piaget. Piaget kept the name and branding of Baume Mercier and continued the expansion and innovation of the company by introducing new models, such as Riviera and Linea.

1988 saw yet another change in ownership, with the Cartier empire snapping up what was considered a bargain at the time. Further enhancement of the range of watches on offer was made with the introduction of models such as the Hampton range of classic designed watches. Since then the company has also attached a lot of importance to women's watches, with a refreshing range made to suit the more dainty of wrists.

Today, Baume Mercier continues to innovate and create great looking, well designed and functional timepieces, evolving as necessary to keep up with the ever changing fashions of the modern age. The future of the company looks rosy, with several huge and largely untapped markets like China & India to expand into, we can expect more from this great company.

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