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Looking for the best 100% feedback sellers on eBay?

I spend many hours trawling through antique pocket watch listings on eBay to find good quality pocket watches and wrist watches to add to my collection. Sometimes when I get to what looks like a good watch, I get disappointed by the feedback rating of the seller. So I make it a point never to do business with any seller that:

  • Has a feedback rating of less than 99%.
  • Has answered any negative feedback in a condescending manner.

Now this is just my personal opinion, but if someone answers what appears to be a genuine gripe about either the sellers service or the actual product by making some snide remark in the comments after the feedback, I won't deal with them. However, if they take reasonable negative feedback in a constructive and mature manner, then sure, I'll give them a a fair go. Having said that, the higher the number of sales, the higher the feedback rating should be. This is something that I consider when placing any bid. To be fair to my readers however, I will never list any seller who has a feedback rating less than 99.5%, but I will also take into account how many sales that seller has made.

So these eBay top sellers are being judged on merit and by those that have actually bought goods from them, you can't get a better judge than that.

I should point out that I have no affiliation with these sellers personally, but I do receive commissions from eBay if you bid and your bid is successful.

Is there an eBay best seller that I haven't listed here? Please, let me know.

eBay Best Sellers List

Sellers with 100% or close to, feedback ratings. - Updated June 2014. (0 removed, 0 added).

johninnc2000 - 100%

Holben's Fine Watches - 100%

Atlam Watches (UK) - 100%

wandolec - 100%

Olde Towne Jewelers - 100%

Vintage Antique Watches - 100%

Globalhorologist - 100%

Bonzzz - 100%

K&B Antiques Ltd - 99.8%

AD Timepieces - 99.7%

Please help me to help all collectors - if you know of a good 100% positive feedback seller - Let Me Know!

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