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Bulgari (or Bvlgari) was a latecomer in the huge range of jewelry that the maker had been producing since the company's inception in 1884. Sotiro started making jewelry in a small shop he rented in Rome. As a silversmith he was quite talented and his work became known for its variety of styles and shapes, as well as the creative use of various precious metals.

For many years he worked on his own, but when his two Sons, Costantino and Giorgio, were old enough they too joined the family business. Around the 1940s, the two brothers took over the running of the business and were content to continue the family tradition of making fine jewelry.

It wasn't until much later, around the beginning of the early 1970s, that the company widened its scope by adding a range of watches to its inventory. The period also marked a rapid expansion for the company, with an important New York store being opened as well as stores in Geneva, Monaco and Paris.

Their watches have always been characterized by a creative, almost artistic look about them, with bold use of precious metals and other materials. In recent years the company has produced some more mainstream looking watch designs that have proved popular with the general public looking for a different style of watch.

One such watch was the "Bulgari-Bulgari". It proved to be their most popular watch ever, outselling all of their others by a wide margin. Bulgari stopped producing watches themselves in the early 1980s, when an affiliate company, Bulgari Time took over and maintained the supply of watches from that time.

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