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In 1875 Joseph Bulova emigrated from the Czech Republic to New York. For the 23 year old fresh new immigrant, New York was a place where he could exercise his entrepreneurial spirit and so he opened up a jewelry store in Maiden Lane, in the borough of Manhattan.

For the next 30 years, the Company grew into a well established name in New York, somewhere where modern jewelry fashions could be bought. Joseph made sure that he offered a wide range of watches for sale, but always yearned for his own watch brand. So in 1911, in his usual entrepreneurial style, he set a production factory to produce his own brand of clock and pocket watch designs.

1912 saw further growth in the business, with a dedicated production facility at Bienne, Switzerland, which was specifically set up to manufacture Bulova wrist watch movements.

So Wristwatches soon joined the offerings from the Company, with some classic designs being created and sold at modest prices. From 1911 to 1919 they concentrated on mens' watches, but with women now demanding more choice, he also set about the creation of a new range of womens' watches.

It wasn't until 1923 that the company name of "Bulova Watch Company, Inc" was formally created. By now they were concentrating on precision manufacture. Their goal was to make any watch part interchangeable with any other. The Company was one of the first to achieve this, making the repair of watches a much easier proposal from this time.

Joseph Bulove died in 1935, with his Son, Ardé, taking control of the company. A period of collaboration with the US Government was established throughout the War, with all timepieces being provided at cost.

Other major achievements include the invention of the World's first clock radio with a facility to switch itself on at the desired time and creation in the 1950s of the first electronic watch; the Accutron. This was a milestone in wristwatch accuracy, with watches guaranteed to maintain a one-minute per month accuracy.

Bulova was also an integral player in the "space-race" of the 1960s, with its Accutron movement being used in all clocks and timepieces within NASA.

Today, Bulova is still producing timepieces for personal as well as professional use. It has maintained its connections with past history by re-creating a range of Bulova Grandfather Clocks as well as up-to-date wristwatches.

For the collector, Bulova wristwatches can be bought at very reasonable prices, with post-war examples selling for less than US$1500 in some cases. The Accutron is set be a classic collectors watch of the future.

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