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Chopard is another very well respected name in the world of watches, the company taking the name of its creator, Louis-Ulysse, who in 1860 started the company in the Swiss village of Sonvillier. Aged 24, he began making watches faced with considerable competition, his answer being the production of quality timepieces rather than producing large quantities of lesser quality pieces.

Finding success in watch making over the next several decades, Louis expanded his operation in the early 1900s by undertaking a road show of his exotic timepieces throughout Europe and even ventured into Russia where he was greeted with much enthusiasm.

Having successfully taken his watch making empire to a new audience, Chopard capitalized on his adventures by setting up a new watch making workshop in Geneva, and set about further increasing the brand name of the company. He handed over the running of his business sometime in the early 1900s to his son, Andre and this provided the catalyst for further expansion in the production line and by the mid 1930s, Andre employed a large number of people in their workshop.

The Chopard association with the business came to an end in 1963, when the grandson of the original creator sold the business to another watch maker, Karl Scheufele. Coming from a family of watchmakers, Scheufele took the business to the next level and today, the Company continues to make complicated watches for an increasingly sophisticated public. Today, what was considered impossible only a few years ago, is now expected as standard. Chopard continues to innovate and make quality watches like chronographs, ultra thin models and complicated movements.

For the collector, original Chopard watches are hard to come by, so if you see one for sale in reasonable condition you may wish to add it to your collection. There are a few pocket watches around at good prices, just keep searching and they will eventually come up.

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