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Chronoswiss is a relative newcomer to watch making, having been set up by a watchmaker by the name of Gerd-Rudiger Lang in 1981. Lang came fresh from the Heur watch making company in Germany that had just been shut down, another casualty of the quartz 'revolution'. Lang however, wasn't convinced that the quartz boom would last, and so he decided to set up a company specifically to sell quality all-mechanical timepieces.

From 1981 to 1984, Lang made a name for himself by sourcing quality mechanical watches from Switzerland for his clients. He also purchased old production lines of watch movements and improved them so that he could offer them for sale. In 1988 however, he made a bold move to produce his own brand of watch, and it was then that the first Chronoswiss wrist watch was conceived - and what a watch!

The regulator-wrist watch was a surprise to the market, as this type of movement had only been manufactured as a pocket watch due to its size. Lang's engineering abilities made this a beautiful as well as functional watch to behold. Chronoswiss watches have continued to surprise, with a range of watches being made during the 1990s that are every bit as good as some of the best watches ever made.

Worthy of mention are the "Pathos Skellet", a skeleton split-seconds chronograph, where Lang was able to show off his engineering and design skills to their very best. Other notable watches are the Cabrio, set in an elegant flat reversible case, the Grand Regulateur, an elegant watch that looks simple in stature, yet is a marvel of engineering. Only 300 pieces of this watch have been made, a collectors heaven!

Gaining the nickname of 'Mr. Chronograph’ for his attention to the smallest of details, Lang has continued his innovative approach to watch making into this century. Chronoswiss watches are notable for their size, being a typically quite large wrist watch which gives them their unique character.

The Chronoswiss Chronoscope is testament to the abilities of Lang to take an old idea and improve it - from the original 19th century design, Lang has made a watch that looks simple yet has all the complexities, like chronograph functions controlled by an integrated crown button rather than having separate buttons and a split-seconds capability.

For the collector, you would imagine for a watch of this caliber, they would be extortionately expensive - not so. Most of their watches are very affordable, the exception being the tourbillon as one might imagine. If you like watches that have a presence, you will probably like Chronoswiss watches.

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