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Corum is another relative latecomer to watch manufacture. Started in 1955 by Rene Bannwart and his female cousin, Simone and her Father, Gaston Ries, the brand was set up specifically to manufacture watches that were of a brand new style that was "new", in their eyes at least. Rene thought that most watches were simply reconstructions of older models and considered that he could produce something to excite the wrist watch wearing public.

Depending on your taste in watches, you may find Corum pleasing to the eye, with their bold and innovative approach to watch design, or you may find many a bit garish - it is all personal choice. Their use of different materials and objects like coins does make for a different design feature, but whether they will have lasting appeal is a matter for your own taste.

One watch that really does stand out from the crowd is their fabulous "Golden Bridge". Comprizing a see-through glass front and back, with the movement arranged in one vertical line, this is certainly a watch that will always be noticed for its stunning design.

They also made complicated watches later on, including perpetual calendar, moon phase and even a toubillon, so as far as innovation and ability goes, Corum has more than proved itself able to produce very good quality timepieces at very reasonable prices.

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