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Doxa started its life in the Swiss town of Le Locle in 1889, set up by one Georges Ducommun in order to make pocket watches in what was a growing and important industry. Georges' watches were well known in a relatively short time and he gained a reputation for good quality and reliable timepieces.

Around the turn of the Century Georges gained a wider reputation when several of his watch designs were awarded awards at various exhibitions around the country. Georges continued with innovative designs and in 1908 presented an 8-day movement to a rapturous audience.

In 1910, Georges wanted a name for his company that could be easily remembered, and after much deliberation the name "Doxa" was chosen as a brand name for all of his timepieces. Not content with making just pocket watches, he soon discovered a whole new market for his products, including clocks for the home and automobile and airplane clocks.

Doxa was a widely advertised brand during the years up to the World Wars, and the result was a variety of products including ladies watches and fashion watches, clocks including alarm clocks, and export timepieces. One thing that did set the Company's watches apart from several other quality timepieces were that they were exceptionally well priced, yet of similar quality to other well known brands.

Georges Ducommun died in 1936, having seen his company grow to a major supplier of watch movements and completed watches. The company was taken over by another well known name - Jacques Nardin. Nardin was the grandson of Ulysse Nardin and was well known and respected in horological circles.

The years following Ducommun's death were successful for them, with many and varied watch designs coming from the drawing board. Creation has never really stopped at Doxa, with the company making one of the largest ranges of wrist watch of any manufacturer. In 1978 the company passed into the hands of Aubry Freres S.A.

Some of their watches are of special interest to a collector, namely the Doxa Sub watches. These started with the 300T in the early 1970s, and was followed by the 600T and 750T (the numbers represent the depth in meters that they are waterproof to). Although these watches were produced for over ten years, the latter vintage 600T & 750T are very rare indeed, so if you spot one you should consider buying it. Some of the 1930-40s chronographs are beautiful too.

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