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The Ebel watch company started its life back in 1911, somewhat later than many watch companies, but it would soon establish itself amongst the elite watch makers of Switzerland. The name comes from Eugene Blum and (e) his wife Levy. Eugene lost no time in setting up his manufacturing processes and within 12 months of registering the company name he was producing watch movements and complete wrist watches.

To give the new company a greater presence in the market, Eugene worked hard to produce a complete range of watches in time for the prestigious Swiss National Exhibition. The hard work paid off, and Ebel was awarded a gold medal for its efforts. The award seems to have been a turning point for the company, and they were soon approached by other companies to manufacture their watches for them. It would appear that the relationships struck with other watch makers proved very profitable and from the time after the exhibition they concentrated on their business relationships with these companies.

In 1929 Eugene and Levy's son, Charles, joined the company. Charles was a perfectionist, and set his mind on improving the production lines to increase efficiency and reliability. The improvements paid off and soon other more prestigious watch makers were lining up to buy their watch movements and designs.

Over the next several decades the company continued to gain a wide reputation for quality and reliability of their watches, and in 1971 when another son, Pierre Blum joined the company he increased production by streamlining the manufacturing processes further. In 1975, Pierre bought the entire company from his Father and sought out new contracts to grow even further.

He succeeded by getting a contract to supply Cartier with a range of watches. He also decided to start production of a new line of watches that would bear the Ebel brand name, and so the 'Sport Classique' was created. Ebel has continued to create new models and has made many complicated movements including chronographs, moon phase, power reserve, perpetual calendars and automatics.

For the collector, there are so many different styles and types of watch that it is purely a matter of taste which one you prefer. Their 1940s range of chronographs is worthy of mention, so to the elegant 1950s calendar and moon phase models. Modern Ebels are not cheap, but the brand is up at the top of the ladder when it comes to quality and reliability.

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