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Enicar is another Swiss watch maker, founded by Ariste Racine back in 1914. A latecomer to the watch making industry, compared to many of the other watch making companies of the time, Racine's goal was to make lever movements in a wide range of styles and sizes and to make them affordable. The Company was successful in making a popular range of sports watches that found favor with the Swiss and this allowed Enicar to concentrate on more complicated designs of watch.

Over the years Enicar has produced a wide range of very good quality timepieces and in 1956 they were given the opportunity to show off the durability of their watches when a team of mountaineers chose the Company to supply them with a watch that could withstand the harsh climbing conditions of the Himalayas.

The expedition was a huge success, both for the climbers and for the Company. Following the climb the company manufactured a range of watch designs to commemorate the event; the so-called "Sherpa" range of watches. These included chronographs and complications such as day/date, moon phase, power reserve and fully automatic movements.

For the collector, Enicar watches are very affordable and their complicated watches are very pleasing to look at too. In fact, despite their age, many of the 1950s onwards watches look a lot younger than they actually are and are comparable with many modern watches. The divers’ watches are especially sought after by collectors, many have a design that makes them look quite a bit different from the average divers watch.

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