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Favre Leuba has to be one of the very oldest of watch makers. Started way back in 1737 by Abraham Favre, the company started off as a very small watch making and repair business. Abraham continued in this line for most of his life and eventually his son, Henry took over the business. In around 1814 Henry joined forces with another local watch retailing company of Leuba, and so the full name Favre Leuba was born.

The company has produced many and varied watch movements over the years, including complicated models; moon-phase, calendars, day/date, and specialties like their depth gauge watch - the Bathy, which was supposedly waterproof to 160 feet. The company has also used various cases for its movement like the reverso case. If there is one thing about Favre Leuba watches it is that until you see the name on the movement, you can't be sure who exactly has made it, such was the variety on offer.

It was during the 1950s that the company really made heads turn with a series of innovations including automatics and complications as mentioned above, but also including a watch with an in-built altimeter, named the Bivouac. Their fast-train movements were also highly sought after and indeed this was one of their finest movements, the caliber FL 1162.

For the collector, it really depends what you are looking for in a watch and what style you like. The 'Bathy' and the 'Bivouac' are sought after if you can find them. Their other watches are purely a matter of taste and most are well affordable in today’s market.

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