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The Glycine watch factory was started in 1914 by Eugène Meylan in the Swiss town of Bienne. Meylan could be said to have been a perfectionist and someone for whom only the very best watch mechanisms were allowed to pass through the factory's rigorous testing regimes.

Because of the quality of his timepieces, Meylan soon became well know by the well-to-do of Switzerland who liked the style and accuracy of his watches. The factory was therefore able to invest heavily in research and development of watch mechanisms and soon they were producing highly complex and ever smaller movements. Many of these were made specifically for the Ladies market and the company soon made a name for itself with its very small movements.

Of special interest is the fully automatic movement that Meylan made and released in 1931. Unfortunately he did not have the financial capability to fully exploit this superb watch, and very few were released to the general public. You may come across this self-winding watch occasionally in the market place but they are soon snapped up by collectors, so be quick!

A new range of officially certified Chronometers was released in 1934 which proved very popular. You are more likely to find one of these in good working order today than most other timepieces. In 1952, Glycine released a new range of automatic watches, including the 'Vacumatic' and 'Airman'. Although many of the older ranges are now discontinued, the same watch names have been kept so don't get confused with the relative 'newness' of some watches.

For the collector, while Glycine is still making watches today, it will be the older models that collectors will be hunting for. Models like the 'KMU Big Second', 'Eugène Meylan', 'Ningaloo Reef' and 'Stratoforte' are my favorite watches from the company, but there are many, many more great designs available. My personal favorite is the Eugène Meylan self-winding watch, a truly beautiful watch to behold.

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