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The Haas Neveux Company was first started in 1848 in Geneva by two brothers, Benjamin and Leopold. The brothers decided to concentrate their efforts on high grade movements, incorporating complications such as repeaters and chronographs. Although starting out life as simply 'B. Haas', the company name was later changed to Haas Neveux.

The brothers were certainly masters of watch making, many of their movements were extremely compact and yet highly complex. In 1896 they produced a superb example of their skills, with a super slim pocket watch movement that was way ahead of its time. Shown at various trade exhibitions in Switzerland, the watch astounded those that were lucky enough to see it.

As innovators, the Haas brothers must be given credit for pushing the boundaries of innovation and fueling the desire, and need, for other manufacturers to keep pace with their superb watches. Later they experimented with colorful jeweled watch designs, winning a prize at the Bernese National Exhibition.

Haas Neveux was also one of the first to produce a minute-repeating watch that could be worn on the wrist. This design, dating from around 1918, proved once again that their innovative talents were hard at work. Many of their early wrist watches are rectangular designs with ornate carvings in the cases and are highly collectible.

You are more likely to come across pocket watches rather than wrist watches for some reason, I have never worked out why, but these are available in beautifully engraved and decorated cases. Sometimes they will be found in solid gold or even platinum cases too. Even these will be available at reasonable prices however.

Haas movements are often compared to that of high quality makers such as Patek Philippe and Jaeger LeCoultre and quite rightly so. There ultra-thin movements are a wonder to behold and anyone remotely interested in collecting watches will be more than happy with a purchase of one of these beauties.

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