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The Hermes Wristwatch was a long time coming in the product range of Thierry Hermes, who started off making saddles and riding accessories in his small workshop in Paris in 1837. For the first several decades of its existence, this was the mainstay of the business until around 90 years later in 1927 the company started selling quality brand wristwatches.

Makers such as LeCoultre, Movado and Audemars Piguet were featured in their shops but soon Hermes began to think about producing their own brand of quality Hermes wristwatch. Their first models were released around 1930 and these included a range of wrist watches, pocket watches and also a so-called belt watch - a watch set inside the belt buckle which flipped out so that the wearer could read the time.

Hermes is something of a dark horse in watch making, having been around for so long and yet perhaps not as widely known as it should be for watches, especially when you consider that this company has been around for about 170 years. They have produced some wonderful designs and their watches from the 1930s are some of the nicest you will see.

Hermes still makes watches today, although collectors are more likely to be interested in their older designs than the newer models. Some of their watches command premium prices, right up there with the quality watch makers of the day.

Look out for the Hermes pocket watches from the 1930s and also some of the more elaborate watch designs with original bracelets. Some of these have bracelets that are worth maybe 50% of the value of the watch, so bear in mind that the bracelet is a very important feature of any watch.

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