F Wallmann in Oberhausen pocketwatch

by Mark
(Dupo Illinois USA)



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I have a pocket watch that I'm trying to find out about. It is a 6 Jewell key wound & set watch. The case is nickel, the face is porcelain with very intricate hands. I do know it's approximately 150 years old.

It is inscribed on the back of the case (under the first covering) "F Wallmann in Oberhausen", this is also on the face of the watch. Also engraved on the same part of the case is "0,800 & 68294 with the letter "Y" under it. On the opposite side of these numbers is a half-moon above a crown.

On the outside of the case on the back is a shield and some filigree engraved. The watch is in great shape for its age, I'm guessing it was probably plated at one time. It runs very well, it has had the mainspring replaced and cleaned recently by an old watchmaker who told me it was the type of watch that an upper-class man would have carried as a daily watch piece.

What I'm wanting to know is how I can find out the history of this particular watchmaker and these watches and of course the value? The watchmaker guessed somewhere between $450 and $500. If anyone knows anything I would be deeply appreciative of the information.

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