Grandfathers pocket watch

by William Pitts
(Bethesda, MD)

Unnamed pocket watch face

Unnamed pocket watch face

Unnamed pocket watch face Scrolling and neat little button to set time French? The adjuster says Avanc and Retard Movement

Can someone tell me a little about this pocket watch?

This was my wife's grandfather's pocket watch which we found when he passed away. There's no name on the face, nor is there any identifying information on the movement other than a serial number - 20272. He also has a Junghans that looks old and it's a possibility that these were brought back from Europe with him after the war. The inside of the case is also marked with "Metal V"?

The pocket watch is small and pretty ornate. The scroll work is a very soft golden color and it is a little beat up as you can see.

Not sure what additional information I can give you, but happy to answer your questions. I'm not so much concerned with value (although it would be nice to know if I should have it officially appraised and insured), but would like some general info about it if you have any. Particularly who made the watch, and approximately when and where it was made.

I have more pictures if necessary.

Thank you in advance,

Will P.

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