Great Grandfater's Pocket Watch

by Buck

Patek Philippe Dial

Patek Philippe Dial

Patek Philippe Dial Patek Philippe Case

Hello all,

I received this watch from my mom several years ago. She stated that it was her grandfather’s watch and she remembers him wearing it several times in his vest pocket. I have been getting older “turned 50 last month” and decided to look at and research the watch a little more. From what I have learned, it looks like a Patek Philippe watch. Please correct me if I’m wrong?

I would like to know more about it. My mother was born in Holland and moved to the USA in the 40’s. I will open and get a serial number in the future and check for any markings. It seems to be a mix of silver and gold. Since the silver is tarnished, should I get it cleaned?

Thanks in advance!

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