Hallmarked Key Wind Key Set French Swiss Pocket Watch.

by Joshua Frechem
(Virginia, United States)

French Swiss Pocket Watch

French Swiss Pocket Watch

At a rich estate sale of a Watch and Clock collector I recently purchased a key wind/key set silver set pocket watch that all is says on the movement is Millaret Geneve which leads me to guess it is Swiss made but by a French speaking maker. It has about 6 to 8 arms on the movement not a 3/4 plate. It is an open face with porcelain face and sub-second hand at 6 o'clock and stem at 12 o'clock. It has markings on the inside of the first and second case backs which are I believe a PM and then a set of 3 hallmarks 1 a lion, 2 a K, and the third slips my mind but it makes a triangle with the PM below the triangle of hallmarks.

It has silver chain and key which is marked too. It is an absolutely gorgeous watch and any information would be much appreciated because I haven't seen others similar to this dating back to 1840 so I hope I have quite the heirloom in my possession.

It appears to be about a 14 size comparing to my 12 size 1902 Elgin but if not a 14 size it is quite thick for its size. It is rather plain not being engraved except on the back where it has a shield in the center but that's about it. It does have a rather large amount of tarnishing of silver .. well its turning black but I have been told it is easily fixed. But as I said it is quite lovely and has become my obsession so I do hope there is information out there. I have a feeling the hallmarks are going to be what gives it away and that hallmarks + keywind/keyset = old and collective (crossing my fingers).

I didn't expect to find it such a rare watch so I took a bad picture and all the info is by memory( because it's "technically" supposed to be a gift to me but I just have to research it) just ask me and I'll work on getting 100% info.


Ed: Good quality pictures of the movement would help.

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Apr 25, 2011
What Pocket watch is this ?
by: Cozma Adrian

What can you tell me about this pocket watch that is similar to yours . Yesterday I've inherited a watch from my grandfather, the only problem is that he is no longer alive to give me more details about the watch. Maybe I can help me someone tell me what brand of watch and maybe the year of manufacture. Thank you.

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