I was suprised by the intracacy and amazing detail of the inner parts!

by Jeffery
(New York)

Dads Watch

Dads Watch

Dads Watch Dads Watch Movement Dads Watch Case Dads Watch Dial

Dads Watch

My Dad is now 70 and this watch was given to him by an elderly neighbor when he was 25 for doing odd chores for her. While having dinner the other night he brought it out and showed it to me and would like to give it to me but knows nothing about it. He said he once took it to a local jeweler and was told it was worth nothing, I am assuming since the front glass is missing and the hands are broken. I am just curious of who made it and when, and if the detail on the inside is anything special. The outer case is marked 34223 argent with feather hallmark and 1355. The inner case is marked cylinder escapement four holes jewelled, Geneva and a word in cursive that I think reads....Girardient? Any help would be appreciated and I would love to tell dad about this old watch that he has held onto for so long. Thanks, Jeffery

Sorry about the pics, they are from my cell.

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