James Borle gold pocket watch

by Cheryl

James Borle Pocket Watch

James Borle Pocket Watch

James Borle Pocket Watch James Borle Pocket Watch Case James Borle Pocket Watch Inner

I recently acquired this pocket watch from a friend. She said it belonged to her Grandfather. I have been searching online for information on James Borle with very little luck.

This pocket watch has James Borle Geneva 11515 printed and Patent lever, jewelled in 23 actions in script engraved on the back side near the key openings. This is a double winding pocket watch. The back cover has an intricate carving of leaves and a bird diving into water with a picture of a shell at the bottom.

The front side has an identical border with a small sail boat with two sails and two people sitting in the boat. I am guessing that the case my be made of rose gold?

The watch also comes with the original wooden box which I am guessing is made of some type of burl wood and lined with purple velvet. The top has an inlaid light colored shield on it.The watch crystal has been broken. I am not sure if this pocket watch works yet as I don't have a key to wind it.

If anyone has any information about this pocket watch or James Borle please let me know. Thank You.

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