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If you have a relevant, i.e, horological web site and you would like to link with Antique Pocket Watch, send me a message. Include the URL, description and where you have put our link on your site. - No link = deletion.

Indian link building companies - I won't even look at your request, so don't bother sending it. (But they will - they clearly can't read).

I am happy to link to appropriate horological websites provided:

  • The sites set up reciprocal links back to Antique Pocket Watch.
  • The reciprocal link is within the same domain APW links to. This means I will not do "three-way linking".
  • The linking pages do not contain pop-ups or pop-unders.

Our details:
Title: Antique Pocket Watch
Desc: Would you like to start collecting Pocket Watches but are not sure what to buy? Or maybe you need some information about Pocket Watch makers? Or values, serial numbers, cases, parts, mechanisms...?

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