Oma's watch.

by Theresa
(Rochester, MN)

Pocket/wrist watch

Pocket/wrist watch

It is a pocket watch with a wrist band.

My mother-in-law received it from her mother-in-law who is from Holland. I received the watch about 10 years ago and am looking for identification.

There are markings on the wrist band, but not on the watch. The markings read "ALPAKA" and "KJAG"

If anyone can give me information, I would appreciate it.

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Mar 24, 2012
Your needed info
by: Cees

Alpaka is a mix off nickel, copper and zinc.
KJAG or KJ is a jewelers name Kollmar & Jourdan.

Feb 02, 2011
Check the wristband.
by: Anonymous

I have one of these in gold but I'm still not quite sure of it origin. You need to check the band thoroughly for the name Union, I believe that's the maker. Also, the 4 clasps open, to release the watch, so as to become a pocket watch.

Hope this helps you.

Dec 23, 2010
Same pocket Watch
by: Sandy

I have acquired a pocket watch that was my father's who was in WWII, very similar to Oma's watch without a wrist band. It may have been acquired during that time, but I'm not sure. When I opened the back part of the watch I discovered the engraving that says "cylindre70rubis". Underneath that is a beautiful flourish engravement. On the inside of the cover is engraved the number 9491 with a 7 underneath the 2nd 9. Above the numbers, there is a diamond shape engraved with some sort of markings inside.

Any clue as to the history of this or the artisan or company this is from? It seems from the other comments that have been written so far, that its origin is from Holland. Also, any particular value that can be put on it?


May 08, 2010
by: Steven

My father is Dutch and I have the same watch, except it is missing the little chain. I would love to know more about it. My Dad is 74 and it may have belonged to his grandfather, so it may be quite old. If you find anything out please let us know.


Jan 04, 2008
Oma's watch
by: Claudia

I'm from Holland and I have the same wrist band.
It belonged to my grandpa's mum.

I have the same questions you do.
I believe Alpaka is a sort of silver. not sure.

Good luck!

Oct 02, 2007
New information on Oma's watch
by: theresa

I was looking at the watch this morning and noticed a tab in the back. I decided to open it. I was totally surprised! It has a few more markings and words.

An arrow and under it 0.800 inclosed in a rectangle.

The engraving says, "1re Qualtie Cylindre 10(or 70) Rubis", then the numbers 1053 with the number 3(under the 1053).

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