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IMPORTANT 1: Unfortunately we cannot give any pocket watch valuations due to the sheer number of requests received. If you need a cheap appraisal then go here

IMPORTANT 2: Over the past few months the number of requests for "general" information has increased to the point where, unfortunately, I can no longer keep up with the demand (now over 100 messages a week!). So please - don't be offended if you don't receive a reply, I simply need to concentrate on other things. (Like building this website!)

Copyright Notice: Some of the articles on this site have been paid-for articles written by other people. I would like to point out that under no circumstances do I condone stealing from others' sites. When I purchase articles I always stipulate that the content needs to be unique and I have to trust in the integrity and honesty of those I employ. If you consider that you are the copyright owner of any content on this site please advise and it will be removed immediately.

Thanks for your understanding!

PRIVACY STATEMENT: We do not sell or otherwise distribute you private details, including name, email address or anything else, to anyone at all without your prior written consent. I hope that is clear enough!


MAY 2019 - From now on please ask any questions through the community page on Facebook. I am no longer answering questions due to the sheer number of requests for information I receive.

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