Rau and Steinmeyer antique pocket watch

by Rory
(United Kingdom)

Rau and Steinmeyer pocket watch

Rau and Steinmeyer pocket watch


I recently helped a good friend of mine clear out his grandmother's house after she had passed away. As a thank you, he gave me a pocket watch which he believed belonged to his great grandfather. It is a full hunter in brass.

He is German, so I assume that this is either a German or a Swiss antique pocket watch. I would guess that it was probably made in the late 1800's or the first part of the 1900's. In the centre of the rear lid is the text "Steinmeyers Patente". Below that is "18534" which I would guess to be the serial number. Near the hinge there is an inscription which reads "Gar. 10 Jahre. Gar". I believe would be an abbreviation of 'Garantie'. There are some scratchings which have been done by hand. One reads "4927". The other is illegible.

As you can see, the mechanics of the pocket watch need a bit of TLC. The only marking that I can find reads "AFRS". The face is plain white with no markings.

I would like to gather some information on this watch for interest sake. I have done some trawling around on the internet and the best match I can find is Rau and Steinmeyer, Geneva. Is anyone familiar with this make? Would someone be able to hazard a guess at its age? Could the 4927 on the lid be a badly written 1927? I'd really appreciate any information.


Rory McKenna

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