Silver Key Wind and Set Pocket Watch

by Anna
(Ulster County, New York)

Silver Key Wind Dial

Silver Key Wind Dial

Silver Key Wind Dial Silver Key Wind Case

I have a Silver Key Wind and Set Pocket Watch. It has only Roman numerals and blue tinted hands. The watch runs fine as well as keeping good time. The case has two different openings. After you open it initially there is an additional part to open in order to see the movement. There is no crystal but the enamel is in fine condition. It has hallmarks 0.935, what looks like two animals, there is another one that I can't make out except that it is in the vertical position, and DF or DE is also stamped on it.

The serial number on the case is 21652, there doesn't seem to be a serial number on the movement. The watch key is attached by a watch fob. This watch looks to be very well made. A friend said it may be a rare Ephraim Downes made in Bristol, Conn. in the 1830's, but I only see that he made mantle clocks when I do my online research. It has a clean Dial, NEEDS crystal. keeps time. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

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