Silver Pocket Watch

by Ian Bisco
(Los Angeles)

Silver Pocket Watch Case

Silver Pocket Watch Case

Silver Pocket Watch Case Silver Pocket Watch Parts

This silver pocket watch is a single watch that has unfortunately been taken apart at some time and has parts missing. This is the story on the watch.

A soldier called Steven Napier in the Scottish regiment was returning from the 1914-18 war and boarded a train at Paddington station, in his compartment on the train was another person with a heavy bag. When the train arrived at Gloucester station there were several policemen on the platform, the other passenger immediately left the train leaving his heavy bag behind. Steve handed the bag in and was later told it was stolen and anything unclaimed would return back to him. Steve ended up with many of the goods including the silver pocket watch. He then in turn sold it to his boss the postmistress at Newent Post Office and at that time it was working well. Unfortunately some time later it stopped working as was later taken apart by one of the younger relatives and remains so now with several missing parts. I am curious if this watch is of any value.

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