Solid Gold Waltham.

by John Hart
(Essex, England , UK)

Gold Waltham and Chain

Gold Waltham and Chain

Gold Waltham and Chain Gold Waltham Dial Gold Waltham Movement

This solid gold Waltham pocket watch has been in my collection for 22 years and although I have had many different types I always come back to this one as my favorite. The unusual chain is also a wonder to me because the chain was adourned at one time with attached charms of some kind that were cut off. Visible on a fragment of one part left behind is an Egyptian or Arabic letter or symbol. There is a charm with 2 tennis rackets standing on a pedestal, the onyx pedestal is also a stamp if you look on the bottom and if you dip it in an ink pad and stamp it, reads "Constance", it has a little gold drum with onyx on the bottom and pearl on the top as skins, and a bullet as another charm.

This gold Waltham also has a silver watch key with green onyx inlay. Although this watch does not require a key, the watch dates from 1873 and I feel the chain has been with it most of that time. Although I can only vouch for the last 22 years of course. The watch is 35mm across so is it a ladies mans or unisex watch? Has anyone got any ideas were this watch has been before 1998..??

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