TDP Troy Pocket Watch, NY

by jl

Troy Dial

Troy Dial

Troy Dial Troy Case Troy Open Case Troy Movement

I have a TDP Troy pocket watch, NY, engraved on the movement is; "TDP, Troy, NY". Is TDP really a watch company,or is it a wholesaler and who makes the watch? What does TDP stand for? I cant find any information in Shugart book, please help.


Editor: This was a listing on eBay recently that the author "jl" has purchased. The eBay sale had the additional listing information:

  • 11 Jewels
  • Name - TDP Troy N.Y.
  • Size: (35 mm Diameter)
  • Serial #2267272
  • Circa: 1896.

I have absolutely no idea who "TDP" is, maybe one of our knowledgeable readers will?

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