Uncle Freds Pocket Watch - But Who Is G.S. ?

by Judy

Uncle Fred's Pocket Watch

Uncle Fred's Pocket Watch

Uncle Fred's Pocket Watch Uncle Fred's Pocket Watch Dial Uncle Fred's Pocket Watch Movement All the numbers including one scratched into the silver, maybe by a repairer?

Uncle Fred's Pocket Watch

When asked what I would like to remember him by, three years ago now, I chose his pocket watch and chain. I know nothing about them but he wore it all the time when I was a child and it had fascinated me from a young age.

I have heard the terms 'Albert' and 'Full Albert' but have no clue if this relates to this pw. There is a lovely heavy silver chain with a medallion on the end which is stamped ALBO MGRCo RedD (which makes me wonder if it is a Victorian item - as that is when they used the Reg system but I have no clue if that applies to pocket watches.

Over the time I have had it, I've half-heartedly been trying to find out more about it, then Google brought up this site and I was so impressed, I thought I'd ask.

But I digress, sorry. I'll try to explain it as best I can and have worked hard at getting good images (not my forte).

When looking at the front of it, at the base or 6 o'clock position, there are two hinges. One opens the back and all the numbers are stamped on the inside of the pull out part.

The front part with the glass opens forward too, and just shows the watch face. The actual workings dont fall out, I dont know if they are supposed to, but the watch face does lift off. The three 'hands' - two for the main face and one for the small minute marker, are present but not fixed.

Amazingly it still seems to keep time. I wound it just three half turns and it ticked away merrily unti late last night.

I'm not sure if you need measurements, but it measures approx 2" wide (diametre) and 2.75" tall including the winder and loop over the winder.

I will try to add my pictures now and hope that someone may know something about my pocket watch, which now I have picked it up again is happily ticking away.

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