Unidentified Key Wind Pocket Watch

by Leslie

Key Wind Dial

Key Wind Dial

Key Wind Dial Key Wind Movement Key Wind Case

Unidentified Key Wind Pocket Watch.

I would like help in identifying and finding out the value of the old hunting case key wind pocket watch I found in my aunt's estate.

It is about 2 1/4" diameter case, appears to be brass, has an outside cover, an inside cover and then the movement, with no makers name on the movement, but with a serial number "No..509.C.37" written in a fancy script on the movement. The back hinges at the VII position of the face. The inside of the inside case has 85.327 stamped in the center with 1243 lower on the case. The outside case has the same 1243 in the lower position, a stamped "D" towards the top and a lot of very faint markings- mostly letters and numbers by different inscribers, one of which is the smallest and in beautiful script "L B 5/86 H", all of these are barely visible.

There is no maker on the watch face (it does have a seconds dial.) The stem is in the III position of the watch face. The hinge to it is in the IX position and the crystal case is in the XII position. The front case also has the stamped "D" and "1243".

It acts like it would run.

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