Unknown Pocket Watch

by Robert
(Pasadena Ca)

Unknown Watch Maker

Unknown Watch Maker

This pocket watch was first owned by my grandfather that I never knew. The watch was then passed to my father who passed it on to me. I am curious to know the maker of the watch.

I have taken it to several local watch and jewelry stores in the Pasadena, California area that I live in. All have given me different stories on the origins of the watch. Most say it is an American made watch. One watch maker believes that it may of originated or spent time in Iran from some of the markings on the inner case.

The inner case has a small mark of a crown on one side and a peacock on the other. In the middle a marking reads 14K and above that the numbers 56 exist and below the 14K reads 0585. All three numbers are enclosed by a shield.

I realize from this and other websites that the only real number to pay attention to is the 14K but the crown and peacock might entail a clue since the movement has no identifiable markings as to the manufacturer.

I have enclosed a picture of the face of the watch along with the movement. Please, if you can tell me anything about this pocket watch.

A couple of the stores offered to purchase the watch, one for a fairly decent price. The watch however is not for sale. I am simply looking to know more about my grandfathers pocket watch.



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