Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch

by Jack Dixon
(Oxford, England)

Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch Case

Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch Case

Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch Case Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch Dial Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch Inside Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch Movement

I acquired this unknown Swiss pocket watch 30 years ago from a family friend who soon after passed away without telling me any information of the watches origin or how he acquired it. I have no idea of the watches (full) age. There is no makers name on the outside or inside of the case. It has an engraved floral design on the back of the case and on the center of the watch face.

On the inside of the pocket watch case it has patent Swiss engraved at the bottom and at the top open (counter clockwise) and close (clockwise) with top written above. It also has several numbers that I will specify at the end of this description. On the movement it has engraved Swiss made and a slow/fast switch. On the chain ring there is a very small symbol and the numbers 275 and to the side of the chain ring there is another very small symbol engraved that is too small for me to make out.

The following numbers are engraved onto the watch:

Any information on this watch i.e, year made, maker would be gratefully appreciated. Also if more photos are wanted by anyone to help with identification, i.e, photos close-up of the engraved numbers I will be more than happy to provide them. (I have not included these photos initially because the website will only allow me to upload four photos)

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