Waltham Gold Pocket Watch

by John

Waltham Gold Pocket Watch Dial

Waltham Gold Pocket Watch Dial

Waltham Gold Pocket Watch Dial Waltham Gold Pocket Watch Dial_2 Waltham Gold Pocket Watch Case

Hello all,

I just found a Waltham gold pocket watch in my house. I'm trying to find out more info on it but have hit several walls. I know the timepiece is a Waltham because it says it on the face. I can't open the watch to find the serial number. There is a serial number on the inside of the case but from what I read, this number won't help me in my search. Just in case the number is 7546743

Here is a brief description of the watch. It's in a gold case with a chain. I'm not sure of the weight/karat. It has a white face with roman numerals. Waltham is printed below the 12 o'clock and the seconds counter is placed at the six o'clock position at the bottom of the face. The case has a leaf and flower design on both sides. You pull up on the crown to adjust the time, push down on it to open the case, and you turn it clockwise to wind it. All the functions seem to be working properly.

I'm hoping there is someone out there that can help me identify the year, and model? (possibly the value) I have added some pics of the watch below to help out since my description may not be adequate.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance,



Ed: Hi John, if you do manage to get the back open to take a pic of the movement and any marks on it that would be a great help.

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Apr 05, 2011
by: Steve

Hi John

Your pocket watch is very similar to the one I purchased recently and posted on this site. The link for it is: https://www.antique-pocket-watch.com/ermex-incabloc-pw.html

There are slight differences between the two of course, but from what I have researched on my Ermex and feedback I've received from some people, they were produced for large department store chains under various names, possibly from the 1940's onward. I realize this information is somewhat limited and may not prove very helpful for you, but I am also awaiting more feedback from several sources.


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