Waltham pocket watch 15 jewel silver face and case

by Nadine Kuhlkamp
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Movement and back inside case cover

Movement and back inside case cover

I recently came about this Waltham pocket watch in my deceased grandmothers jewel box. It belonged to her oldest sister who was a nun in northern Ontario, Canada. The serial number on the movement dates it, according to this web-site, at 1927 - which was about when my great-aunt may have entered the convent.

It has a silver face and regular numbers on the dial. No secondary dial at all. The hands are a blue/black iridescent colour. It is very plain with a lovely movement in back. I cannot find anything else like it on any web-sites. Would love to know more about this watch.I have a pic of the face and one of just the movement if anyone would like to see.

Does anyone know anything about this Waltham Pocket Watch?

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