WD Pocket Watch

by Scott

WD Case Open

WD Case Open

WD Case Open WD Case WD Movement WD Dial

Being the eldest son in my family this WD Pocket Watch gets handed down to me by my father and so on. I believe I am the first to be doing some research on the item and couldn't believe they are in some way connected to Rolex as I have several Rolex's myself. What i would like to know is what are the things about this watch that I cant seem to find and read about.

It's a W&D model number 3098 with the engraving stating it was handed over to a member of the family in 1908.

It seems 18k or better Gold and is in great working order and comes in a Kangaroos Scrotum, which I thought was a bit ironic :-).

As i have just received it what should I look for with regard to insurance, or is that a taboo subject if so that fine!

I took these pictures with my Iphone, I could get a better camera if someone is keen on looking at specific parts out of interest or to answer some questions.

Finally I'm not sure of their commonality or rarity?

Thankyou for your time and providing such a web site.

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Sep 12, 2011
W&D pocket watch Gold
by: Anonymous

The WD was too small to capture with my IPhone but it's there so for the purposes of the conversation assume I'm stating the truth as I have nothing to gain from telling otherwise. If I decided on selling it, of course a full due diligence would need to be done including a better documented record of the engravings :) but thanks for the question.

Aug 21, 2011
I have a similar watch
by: Tom Banks

Hi, I have a similar pocket watch without the engraving, I think mine is 18K gold too, not filled but solid. Where does it say that yours is names W&D, there is nothing on the watch movement on mine at all. I presume that it is just a mass produced watch. Not sure?

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