Cheap Insurance Guide

If you haven't arranged some cheap insurance yet, do it now before you regret it.

It never ceases to amaze me why some people don't insure valuable items that they have spent years collecting. Cheap insurance is available these days, specifically designed to allow collectors to sleep at night and not worry about their precious collections. It always pays to make sure your precious items are well stored in a safe place, but even that may not be enough to deter the professional thief.

If you have a small collection you can take out cheap insurance by simply adding the item(s) to your existing home insurance policy.

You will generally have to supply the insurance company with an appraisal of the item(s) with the replacement value stated. You will often find that the insurance value is somewhat higher than the actual value of the insured piece. This is because there is an added amount for admin, tracking down a replacement and any additional work required in addition to what the item is actually worth.

Insurance companies will not only take into consideration the value of the insured items, but also consider things like; the area you live in, the property type you live in, where you keep you insured items, your personal claims history and whether you have any alarms and protection already in place. The better your insurance history and safer the storage area is, the cheaper your insurance will be.

So please, if you value your valuables, buy some insurance today and ease the pain of losing your precious items. You won't regret it.

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