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I get quite a few messages asking me about pocket watch repair - usually "Is it worth it?" Well, sure you can have a go but first I suggest that you know the value of your pocket watch first before consigning it to the scrap pile!

If you really want to attempt pocket watch repair, I would suggest buying a cheap one first so you don't worry too much if it’s destroyed - please don't practice on the family heirloom! Strip the watch down as far as you can and examine the parts with a view to just getting to know the names of all those parts first and what they look like.

There are a million tools that it would be very nice to have, but on a limited budget that isn't always possible. Here are a few tools that you may wish to consider :

Some Essential Pocket Watch Repair Tools
pocket watch bow openers bow Openers. An essential tool for removing the bow of a pocket watch. Will prevent damage not only to your watch, but to your fingers too!
pocket watch case opener
another pocket watch case opener
Case Openers. Without these you will have many frustrating hours trying to remove the back of a snap on case. Invaluable.
pocket watch hammer Watchmakers Hammer. A soft hammer for all those delicate taps...
hand remover tool Watch Hand Remover. Not essential but for serious pocket watch repair you will eventually have to get one of these.
pocket watch hand setting tool Watch Hand Setting Tool. Setting the hands exactly parallel to the watch face has always been a challenge. Not with this tool.
head visor Head Vision Tool. Working with both hands free while still being able to see is a great advantage. This device allows to you to see and to use both hands. Perfect.
pocket watch long nose pliers Longnosed Pliers. For all those delicate parts that you will almost certainly drop, these things are essential. I recommend buying a set of different sized ones.
watchmakers loupe Watchmakers Loupe. For those occasions when you just want to take a quick peek at a pocket watch mechanism before you buy it - this is what you need. Essential.
magnify those pocket watch movements Magnifier. Again, this tool just allows you freedom to work with both hands if and when required.
pocket watch mallet Mallet. An occasional tap with a mallet works wonders for those hard to close cases - with care of course.
pocket watch oil Watchmakers Oil. No, engine oil won't do! The best quality oil will give years of trouble free use and stop build up of dirt and grime inside your pocket watch.
pocket watch pin vise Pin Vise. For holding on to all those parts that the fingers are just too fat for.
watchmakers screwdriver Watchmakers Screwdrivers. You can't be without these. buy the best quality you can afford, you won't regret it. Stay well clear of cheap imports, they will cause you nothing but frustration in the long run.
pocket watch keys Pocket Watch Keys. Not essential but there is nothing worse than not having the right size key available when you need it. These key sets solve that problem for you.
pocket watch tweezers Anti-Magnetic Tweezers. You can't use your fingers that's for sure. Non-magnetic tweezers will made your pocket watch repair life a breeze.

Again, ebay carries most if not all of the above tools at pretty good prices. All the tools and materials listed below are available from ebay right now. Also, some very interesting watch repair services.

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