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Pocket watch books - there are good and bad. Hopefully this page will help you save some money when buying books for your pocket watch and watch library.

The following is my attempt at reviewing a few books that I have in my collection that I particularly like. Each person has differing opinions when it comes to what should be in a book, especially when it covers such a diverse subject as pocket watches, so this is only a guide.

I have always managed to find my pocket watch books on eBay.com after a bit of searching and have managed to save quite a bit of money in the process.

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Good reading!

Complete Price Guide to Watches 2012 Edition NEW! 2012 Edition - Complete Price Guide to Watches By Cooksey Shugart, Tom Engle & Richard E Gilbert - Published by Tinder Box Press - 2012 - 32nd Edition

Paperback - 1216 pages - 210 mm x 140 mm

This is the latest in the epic series of Shugart's Complete Price Guide to Watches and is substantially updated with many updated prices and illustrations. There is some reservation about many of the prices in this book but you can't go past it for the sheer volume of illustrations and information. If I had to recommend only one pocket watch book, this would be it. With over 10,000 Watches listed & 8,000 illustrations you can't be without this book if you want to know about pocket watches.


Pendant and Pocket Watches - Identification and Values Pendant & Pocket Watches 1500-1950 Book- Identification & Values by Jeanenne Bell - Published by Collector Books USA - 2004

Hardback - 366 pages - 286 mm x 220 mm

Now this is a very interesting pocket watch book. It covers the evolution of the pendant & pocket watch over several centuries, covering the influences of the time, pocket watch makers, marks, serial numbers etc. there's plenty of information in this book to help you with watch identification and discover a lot that you didn't know about your antique pocket watch. There are literally hundreds of photographs in full color, including cases, dials and movements. A great read.

Practical Watch RepairPractical Watch Repairing Book By Donald de Carle - Published by N A G Press - First published 1946 - Reprinted 2005

Hardback with Dust Jacket - 320 pages - 225mm x 145mm

A really excellent book. If you are into detail then get this book. It goes into minute detail in its description of watch repair, including 553 illustrations it is probably one of the best illustrated pocket watch books I have. Every stage of the mechanical process of repairing your pocket watch is covered extremely well. This must have taken an age to write and is an absolute credit to the author.



Rolex Wristwatches Book and Rolex Price Guide Rolex Wristwatches Book with Price Guide - 2nd Ed.

By James M Dowling & Jeffrey P Hess - Published by Schiffer Books USA - 2001

Hardback with Dust Jacket - 399 pages - 310 mm x 235 mm

If you've read my Rolex page you will know that I like Rolex. This second edition expands on the previous volume with a well written and well illustrated book, beautiful pictures abound and the Rolex watch history is covered in great detail. An added bonus is the information on Rolex values, making this a good buy for the Rolex collector and one well worth picking up and adding to anyones' collection.

The Wristwatch ChronometerWristwatch Chronometers - Mechanical Watches & Their Testing.

By Fritz von Osterhausen - Published by Schiffer Books USA - 1997

Hardback with Dust Jacket - 211 pages - 310 mm x 235 mm

Going slightly off pocket watch books for a moment...this is for anyone interested in the Chronometer. This is a fascinating book all about wristwatch testing in order to gain the Chronometer rating; testing methods, procedures etc, a good read for those interested in these sorts of things. Over 60 makers are discussed, errors, causes & fixes, plenty of photos and reference material. A very nice book.

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