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In today's electronic age, buyers and sellers that use eBay.com to buy and sell pocket watches have available to them a medium that enables people from all over the world to communicate, exchange goods, barter and buy and sell freely. One of the most innovative uses of the Internet for those of us who collect pocket watches is eBay.

The importance of eBay should not be overlooked. Not only because it allows buyers and sellers to come together in one place, but also because for the first time, we have a market place in one place, operating 24 hours a day, that allows us to monitor and see exactly what prices are being paid for pocket watches in real time. Books, like Schugart's Complete Price Guide to Watches are good, but there is a fair amount of criticism that some prices are out of touch with reality. This may be so, but at least it gives pocket watch collectors a benchmark from which to expand their knowledge of the particular pocket watch they are interested in. Besides, I don't know any serious collector who doesn't have a copy of this book and I don't know a single resource on the Internet that comes close to the amount of information that it carries.

Buying and Selling the eBay Pocket Watch

There are a few tips that the first time user should know and be aware of when it comes to using eBay to buy or sell goods of any description. Unfortunately, there are a few well known eBay scams that you should be aware of too. Although we are interested in the eBay pocket watch, all the following information is relevant.

There are far more savvy buyers and sellers using eBay than me. Terry Gibbs is a man who knows eBay well, very well in fact, and he's written a couple of useful guides for would-be eBay buyers and sellers who want to start using eBay to buy and sell goods of any kind, not just pocket watches. So instead of me duplicating the same information as Terry, I am making available to you Terry's eBooks, "The eBay Buyers Guide" and "The eBay Sellers Guide" so you can download them, maybe print them if you wish and study them in your own time. I learnt a lot from these books and use many of the tricks and techniques outlined.

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Buying on eBay

Selling on eBay

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For those of you that would like to use eBay, first of all you need to sign up. The link at the bottom of the page will take you directly to eBay's sign up page. In only a few minutes you will be up and running and hopefully finding some real bargains.

Over the years I have found a couple of good sellers on eBay of quality eBay pocket watches who I know can be trusted to provide exactly what they describe is for sale. Now, I would love to be able to pass on their details to you, but due to a rather unfortunate experience after recommending a seller I can no longer offer this service. It is a sad reflection on today's society that after trying to help someone they then try to sue you but that unfortunately is what happened to me. The fact that they didn't succeed is immaterial, they still tried.

Some tips I would give instead are:

  • Always check the seller’s feedback score
  • The closer to 100% the better, especially for large volume sellers
  • Read any negative feedback, there might be a common theme
  • If it looks too good to be true, it probably is
  • Watch out for headlines like "RARE!!!!" - This is one to avoid.

Good Luck!

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